The splendor and danger of ancient Egypt continues in the second volume of this magnificent saga For Ramses, the Son of Light, the coronation has arrived Now he will learn whether the friends of his youth people such as Moses and the aging Greek poet, Homer can truly be trusted Shaanar, the you

This controversial bestselling novel in the Arab world reveals the political corruption, sexual repression, religious extremism, and modern hopes of Egypt today n nAll manner of flawed and fragile humanity reside in the Yacoubian Building, a once elegant temple of Art Deco splendor now slowly decayin

n A real thriller you feel the pull of Ancient Egypt Eastern Daily Press n n Egypt, the 18th Dynasty n n The child pharaoh Tutankhamun is dead, and his ageing successor Ay has married his granddaughter Ankhesenaum as a ploy to father an heir and keep his rival Horemheb off the Golden Chair.