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[Natasha Duncan-Drake] ó Cats Call (The Chronicles of Charlie Waterman #1) [buddhism PDF] Read Online ò I originally noticed this book mentioned in a thread for inexpensive ebooks, thought the premise looked entertaining, and decided to give it a try At such a low price it is hard to go wrong.
I ll keep this short overall I liked this It did feel a bit young than I usually prefer When I say young adult I am usually thinking, say 17ish In this case though it feels younger I don t know of that is the author s intention, but it is the end result.
The main character is very likable, and shows as does the book, ultimately a respectable tolerance for different types of people meaning it sets a good example in that sense Most of the other characters are underexplored, although we see a few tantalizing glimpses here and there.
There are a number of typos, which unfortunately I see frequently wit I loved everything about this book Natasha has captured my imagination and much of my life over the last couple of days with this book I could NOT put it down once I started reading often I was up until the wee hours of the morning reading Cat s Call.
Charlie is a remarkable character and his humour and the way his mind works, had me laughing out loud for real, the result often strange looks from people around me In stark contrast to Charlie are Alexander and Akari who, along with the other questers muddle their way through this tale I hope Natasha is busy working on the next tale in this series as I am dying to know what happens Thanks Natasha for a brilliant read This is one of my favorite books I like this book so much that every time I try to write a heart felt review I sounds foolish and fan girly.
Suffice it to say that this book is both action adventure and fantasy Charlie is a believable, sympathetic character who you identify with and want to succeed Honestly once each of the charters are well rounded.
My favorite concept of the book series is that the seven spirit guards live in a world that is between the worlds That they have to create gates to travel to the other worlds and other times And they only age in their own world in their own time steam on their own world Its like a Tardis in which you never age This give the book series an unlimited story line and ageless characters, who can change and grow but never feel the ravages of age.
The story reminds me of quicksand, in a good way I was metaphorically wandering along and found myself sucked in and engulfed in the world of the story This is her first published book but far from the first thing that she has written I have followed her on Livejornal for several years under a different nom de plume 95% of her stories are saved on my hard drive for me to savor again and again The woman can honestly write and is an excellent story teller I like Charlie I can relate to him Trying to find a way to deal when your whole world has been rearranged I don t know that many people that haven t found themselves in that position He is multi faceted and has real strengths and flaws I really, really like the snark I devoured it on one late night reading snickering over in the corner.
Buy it read it S This was a fantastic read, I barely put it down after I started it I am eagerly awaiting the next book in the series Cat s Creation , and for the return of the fantastic characters Natasha Duncan Drake has created I enjoyed the unique way in which Charlie seemed to think a kind of cold logic that allowed him to see what needed to be done that allowed him to make the best of situations The kind of acceptance of his destiny and the situation he was thrown into is rare in my experience, and just the kind of thing I was looking for in a novel like this Overall a wonderful story, and hopefully the start of many to come.
I really enjoyed this story It has a fresh feel and the main character is fun to watch as he adjusts to his new reality and tries to cultvate friendships with the others on the team His mentor is enigmatic but very caring and I look forward to learning about him, too I have spent far money on books I liked less than this one and I am absolutely will get the next in the series, too Many candy bars cost a mere dollar and the pleasure they give is fleeting than the long evening I spent in Charlie s world My only gripe was a few cases where sentences were garbled Another round of editing should fix those.
Charlie Doesn T Believe In Destiny, Unfortunately Destiny Believes In HimAccosted By A Small Clay, Feline Figurine, Charlie Finds Himself The Chosen Of The Cat Spirit, One Of The Seven Great Spirits Who Protect The Balance Of Existence When He Wakes Up With A Tail That Will Not Go Away No Matter How He Ignores It, He Has To Believe What Is Going On Is RealAt Eighteen, Charlie Isn T Old, But He S Two Years Past The Threshold For Dealing With Magic For The First Time, Apparently This Makes Him Weird, Even In Between, A Realm Of Magic, Prophecy And Shapeshifting He Could Live Without The Earthquakes, ThanksSo Now He Has To Figure Out Magic Get Along With Five Scarily Competent Sixteen Year Olds And One Prickly Vampire To Form A Team And Last But Not Least, Be Prepared To Go To Any World, In Any Universe When Sent There By The Seer, So The Balance Of Existence Isn T Destroyed By Agents Of Chaos All Of Which His Mentor, Akari, Assures Him He Did Say Yes To, Even If He Doesn T Remember That Part Charlie Has Never Thought Of Himself As A Hero, But Existence Depends On Him Coming To Terms With The Fact That He IsFive Sixteen Year Olds, A Young, Antisocial Vampire And Charlie Stand Between The Balance And Chaos Nothing On Earth Could Have Prepared Charlie For His Destiny And In Choosing Him, He Is Sure The Spirits Have To Be Insane I liked this The characters were engaging and fun I m looking forward to knowing about all of them This fantasy has all of the elements I enjoy shapeshifting, vampires, magic I m just not sure about what exactly is the point true purpose of the Questors I mean, saving the world from evil is all well and good, but without a definitive villain the series starts to fall into the realm of pleasant fluff for me Perhaps I ll discover in the next volume, which I do intend to read It was a really great book, but I m a little disappointed that the sequel didn t come out in fall of 2011 like promised in the back of the first book.
I just found out that the sequel is comming out at the end of March So I am really excited and hopeful I loved this book, especially Alexander because he was so mysterious I hope that the sequel has about him I am very eager to read the sequel and may burst from the excitement I personally am very picky when it comes to reading Mostly when it comes to price I almost never buy lower price books because in my experience they are also lower quality cliche, poor grammar spelling, or poor character development This book was far from it Something about it called to me much the way the cat called to Charlie and said, Buy me I am so glad I did it has quickly become one of my favorite books and for this price It is a steal.

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