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[ Read Online Contact Charlie ✓ webcomic PDF ] by Chris Wattie æ In Contact Charlie, Former National Post Reporter And Embedded Journalist Chris Wattie Offers Stunning Portrait Of The Series Of Battles That Would Eventually Take The Lives Of Several Canadian Soldiers, Including Captain Nichola Goddard, Canada S First Female Combat Casualty Based On Wattie S Own Months In Afghanistan, As Well As Hundreds Of Post Tour Interviews With The Men And Women On The Ground, Contact Charlie Is A Rare Piece Of Military Writing, Providing Readers With A Behind The Scenes Look At The Stories That Made Headlines In The Summer Of And Continue To Do So Today

A gritty look at the reality of Canadian soldiers fighting the Taliban on the ground in Afghanistan No macho nonsense, just young men acting professionally and getting the job done in difficult circumstances The story centers on the fight that kept the Taliban from doing to NATO what the muhajadeen did to the Soviets twenty years earlier.
The book lets readers feel what it s really like to be there American readers may realize that not all modern wars are won by chest thumping, gung ho Rambos.

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